LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A Las Vegas City Councilwoman is breaking ranks with the city manager and the rest of the council.

At a press conference Tuesday, Councilwoman Victoria Seaman (Ward 2) said a proposed new city ordinance violates Nevada open meeting laws.

The ordinance, R-19-2023, discusses “possible action regarding a Resolution adopting a procedure regarding ordinance proposals initiated by individual members of the City Council.” Essentially, the ordinance requires a fiscal or city manager to review a proposal before it goes to the council.

Seaman told reporters that changing the current procedure for establishing an ordinance gives City Manager Jorge Cervantes the ability to recommend – or not recommend – ordinances to the council.

“Mr. Cervantes is entirely outside his job description as city manager in attempting to use his position to silence elected officials,” Seaman said.

But Councilman Brian Knudsen (Ward 1) disagrees. He told 8 News Now the ordinance would provide the council with more information and transparency.

Knudsen added that providing this type of information to councilors within the city manager’s job description.

Seamen alleges that the change in ordinance is a direct result of a controversial pet “breeding” bill that was passed by a 4-3 margin at the most recent city council meeting.

The council will discuss the matter during its public meeting Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.