LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A Las Vegas cake shop owner is moving forward after her business was burglarized over the weekend.

Whiskful Thinking Cakes owner Korey Wells said it took place on Aug. 6 near Tropicana Avenue and Fort Apache Road.

Security footage caught the suspect taking the register drawer with hundreds of dollars of cash in it.

Whiskful Thinking Cakes near Tropicana Avenue and Fort Apache Road burglarized on Sunday, Aug. 6, 2023. (KLAS)

“I woke up and received a text message from our security company saying there was a burglary at the shop at around,” Wells recalled. “He took our register drawer with all the cash in it, he cleaned out our tip jar and the store laptop and cell phone and he was able to do it all within the 60 seconds that the alarm sounded.”

The bake shop wasn’t the only businesses hit by burglars, nearby restaurants had their doors tampered with too.

“Looks like he tried to hit all three of us, but was only successful in entering ours,” Wells added. “It’s really scary. We had a shooting next door and the homeless are much more present at the property now.”

Property crimes are up over 11.6%, with burglaries up by more than 7.4%, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

As for what’s next, Wells and her team said they refuse to let this break-in keep them down, “turning a sour situation into something sweet.”

“We have plans to turn the bakery into a burglary-themed week and it will be a steal,” she added.