LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — With Christmas just around the corner, it is the peak season for Huntington Jewelers.

With a new location in Summerlin and many holiday events planned CEO Chris Calleri is already looking for seasonal help.

“We’ve hired two seasonal people right now,” said Calleri. “They’re great, they have great attitudes, and we like that they’re with us and great additions to our team. Like I said I hope they stay with us for a long time.”

Calleri says it’s not just about finding workers but the right fit to help their family business grow.

“It’s all about the groove and about the team that we put here, and we put our family first. We hope that those people also believe that as well,” added Calleri. “We’re like a little family here but we also have to get the job done and we have to put the experience the customers expect at Huntington jewelers.”

Huntington Jewelers isn’t the only business getting a head start, many big chain companies are looking to hire now. Marchele Sneed is Employment Security Manager with DETR.

“Some employers will wait until mid-November to start beefing up for Christmas and the holidays but some of the employers like UPS and Amazon have already started hiring for their seasonal positions,” said Sneed.

As part of Employ NV Business Hub, they help people find jobs, as well as help employers, fill positions.

“As you know people are doing more online shopping now than before and a lot of stores are not going to be open for Thanksgiving as traditionally, they were,” Sneed explained.”

Sneed said she’s also seen an increase in people looking for remote work, with companies offering incentives like pay increases and bonuses.

“We’ve noticed that some employers are not putting seasonal on their job descriptions, they’re just hiring,” said Sneed. “They want part-time or full-time workers and of course, that goal is to retain those people after the holidays.”

Currently, Clark County has an unemployment rate of 5.3%.  With a free job fair coming up next month, Sneed is encouraging anyone to attend looking for a seasonal job.

“Employers are adding jobs daily so the numbers are actually good right now,” added Sneed.

“Now more than ever is the perfect time for everyone to look for work.”