LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Business owners are preparing to enforce mask mandate rules, starting Friday morning.

8 News Now spoke to some who say, although they will comply with the rules, they are scared to lose customers.

Clients at Motum Athletics were taking full advantage of their last workout without masks Thursday afternoon.

“It is not easy at the gym to wear your mask it is extremely difficult especially for myself and young ones it gets very sweaty, you are breathing in a wet towel,” said Kourtney Buck.

Knowing how uncomfortable it could get wearing a mask while working out is concerning for owner Michael Johnston, who says he is scared fewer clients will come in.

“If things shut down, I will shut down my business,” Johnston said. “My family won’t have the income we have that we are making through our business at this time.”

Johnston says he understands wearing a mask in the gym isn’t the most ideal situation, but he is willing to give his clients a few more breaks while they work out.

Over at Sin City Knits, owner Debbi McCarty has her mask mandate sign up.

“I have all ages from six to 96 that come in here,” said McCarty. “I just want everybody safe.”

…Even if it means the mask mandate turns away customers.

“It will be a little harder to keep my doors open, won’t take a paycheck this month,” McCarty said.

Some vaccinated customers had some words for those choosing to not get the shot,

“Stay home and stay away from the rest of the people,” said Deanna Werner.

The new guidelines will override the county’s decision to only require employees to mask up.  It is still not clear when the CDC will make any changes to this.