LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Caleb Chargualaf, 15, was a Boy Scout in Maui before he became part of Troop 129 when his family moved to Las Vegas in 2021.

When Chargualaf saw what was happening back home in Maui he had to help.

“It’s sad to see my hometown in chaos right now,” he said. “We want to help whoever is struggling because that is what we do as Scouts.”

His Scoutmaster Dee Green of Troop 129 also has close ties to Maui and returns every year after getting married there in 1995. After wildfires tore through the island, her 22 Scouts came to her asking how they could help.

“We shot out on our Discord, ‘Hey this is the stuff we need’ to our troop and when we met on Monday, they brought a bunch of stuff and there is still stuff coming in,” Green explained.

The group started by donating the money they had raised from popcorn sales. It escalated to having all the troops in the valley working together. They raised more than $8,000 in monetary and material supplies in under 72 hours. And they are not stopping anytime soon as they are accepting donations through Sunday, September 10.

Todd Walter the Executive Scout for the Las Vegas Area Boy Scouts said that everyone is on board now with their 200 troops amounting to more than 4,300 scouts on a mission to help Maui.

“The kids don’t really want everyone to know but they just want to make a difference. We want to know that we are teaching them that community and responsibility is about all of us and it’s all working together to take care of each other,” Walter said.

“We’re supporting other people that we don’t even know, and we’ll be there for them,” Chargualaf said.

You can bring any donations to the Council Offices located at 7220 Paradise Road.