LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Hometown band Imagine Dragons showed their support to writers on strike on a Netflix picket line Tuesday, according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter.

Video from the performance was posted on Twitter showing lead singer Dan Reynolds standing atop a green bench singing the band’s hit “Radioactive” to the picketers.

“Imagine Dragons totally crushing it in support of writers at Netflix,” said Gennefer Gross, a writer, in a Twitter post on Tuesday.

“Say it louder so the CEOS hear it – WHATEVER IT TAKES,” wrote Shelley Meals, a writer and producer in an Instagram post that showed several videos of the band on the picket line.

The strike launched late on May 1 and is the first in 15 years. Negotiations between studios and the Writers Guild of America stalled, causing the expiration of the writers’ deal just after midnight on May 2.

The last WGA strike from November 2007 to February 2008 lasted 100 days.

The Las Vegas band joins the list of supportive celebrities such as Pete Davidson, Jason Sudeikis, and Jay Leno, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

On Wednesday, May 10, Imagine Dragons released a music video for their song “Crushed,” a track on the band’s newest album, Mercury Acts – 1 & 2.

“Our video for crushed, filmed on the front lines of Ukraine, is out now,” the band said in an email to fans. “It follows Sasha, a young boy who endured months of shelling in his town.”

“Sasha’s story is heartbreaking, and there are thousands more like him who desperately need help. even today, his family is without electricity and other basic utilities. Please consider donating to United24 and raising your voice for this cause.”

Imagine Dragons will find themselves in Mexico City on May 17, continuing a string of international tour dates, including Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Quebec, before heading to the United Kingdom.

The band brought its “Mercury World Tour” to Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Sept. 10 and was joined by Macklemore and Kings Elliot.

The band is active in the Las Vegas nonprofit world with the Tyler Robinson Foundation. The Foundation was started in 2013 by Imagine Dragons and Tyler’s family to help battle the unseen costs of childhood cancer. The organization helps support families who are facing a pediatric cancer diagnosis.