LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The City of Las Vegas Planning Commission is expected to expand the boundaries of the Las Vegas Arts District at its Tuesday meeting.

The district would grow by 47 acres to a total of 131 acres centered around the intersection of Charleston Boulevard and Main Street. The boundaries, shown by the “subject property” boundaries in the map below, would expand north to Gass Avenue, west to the Union Pacific Railroad line and south to Imperial Avenue. That would expand the district by about 56%.

The inside boundary shown above represents the proposal to expand the Arts District. The outer boundary shows where notifications were sent by the city. (City of Las Vegas)

Notifications were sent to properties that fall into the larger zone shown in the “notification radius” shown on the map above.

“The expansion area would take advantage of the industrial area adjacent to the railroad as a ‘maker’ area for artisans, while the move north would capture Newport Lofts, a dense urban residential development,” according to staff analysis.

The area is growing more popular, with galleries and restaurants popping up. In February, The English Hotel held its grand opening.

After the proposal to expand the district was taken off meeting agendas earlier this year, it’s back on with a recommendation for approval by city staff.

Documentation in the staff report indicates 1,652 notices were mailed to property owners, and 12 protests were received.

“Although an arts district has been formed and promoted in this area as a regional showcase for artists, the area has lacked a proliferation of development that encourages safe, walkable spaces attractive to both patrons and artists seeking to live in the area,” according to staff analysis. “The proposed Rezoning would provide the means for fostering transit hubs and nearby affordable housing while new development and performance standards aim to encourage entrepreneurs to live and work in a compact urban setting.”

Zoning changes described as part of the change are “compatible” with existing zoning in the area.

Jason Taylor is the owner of Nevada Brew Works located on Main Street and told 8 News Now it was only a matter of time before an expansion would begin. He added that he hopes the changes will lead to better lighting along with a safer path for those walking throughout the evening.

“I think expanding the boundaries is something the city of Las Vegas should have considered a long time ago,” said Taylor. “I think the goal really is to have it continue all the way to the strat and make it more of an urban and comfortable walkway area.”

Derek Campbell owns The Red Kat which is a vintage clothing store and said some of his art gallery friends aren’t too happy about the proposal and feel like the possible expansion comes with the territory.

“As the success of this neighborhood has risen, so have the rents and now a lot of the artists and galleries can’t afford to stay in the neighborhood so it’s hard for artists and galleries for sure, but it is what it is. because art is cool, which brings in people,” he said. “I think we all are going to benefit from it, I believe so we are excited.”

The district is currently about 84 acres, generally bounded by Hoover Avenue on the north; Las Vegas Boulevard, 4th Street and 3rd Street on the east; Main Street on the west, and Imperial Avenue on the south.