LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Property managers at the Hebron apartment complex off of Las Vegas Boulevard are asking for the public’s help amid the complex’s heating and hot water issues.

Hebron, a low-income housing complex for veterans, people experiencing homelessness, and seniors has struggled to stay afloat ever since Caridad Gardens, a local nonprofit, took over the property over a year ago.

“We inherited some problems when we took over the property,” said Merideth Spriggs, chief kindness officer with Caridad. “We are trying to find a motor for our boiler room and we’ve been struggling to find parts and we are trying to get help to get our hot water heaters restored.”

With colder weather on the horizon, these issues are becoming a more significant concern for tenants.

“To not be able to take any warmth in your shower is something you can’t put your finger on,” said James Rosser, a Vietnam veteran who lives at the property.

Retired veteran Bill Monroe has lived on the property for eight years and told 8 News Now that he’s just trying to make due, but that it can be difficult with no heat to come home to. He also said the boilers never seem to work consistently.

“This particular boiler over here has a quick shelf life, and it just seems like we go through them one after another you know,” he said.

The complex has three hot water units and one boiler. As of now, one water heater has been fixed, but the two others are still not working.

Hebron houses 123 tenants, 40 of which are veterans. Donations can be made at Caridad’s website, or be dropped off at the property directly at 1150 South Las Vegas Boulevard.