LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Ancient forms of medical treatments have been used for centuries on humans, and more veterinary clinics are offering them for some of their clients.

May Wong told 8 News Now she has been bringing her 13-year-old German Shepard Ascona to the PetHealth Zen Room since December.

“She has the vascular disease, old dog problems, she couldn’t get up for two and a half weeks,” Wong said.

Mark Beerenstrauch owner of PetHealth has been treating Ascona along with other pets with acupuncture.

“We use acupuncture for dogs and cats, for a variety of different conditions whether that be pain management, arthritis, g.i. issues, respiratory issues,” he added.

The ancient Chinese believe illness is caused by an imbalance of energies within the body, acupuncture restores those energies and promotes healing.

“Most pets are great with acupuncture sessions, they relax and oftentimes fall asleep, but there are certain pets where they are anxious and scared,” he said.

On this particular day, Ascona is being treated by Renee Lewis a doctor at PetHealth.

When Pethealth opened eight years ago, there was just one vet certified in acupuncture, but now the hospital has five.

About 15% of the animals who have chronic issues, or chronic illnesses, like Ascona, receive it, Beerenstrauch said.

“A great tool for us, and our pet parents love that aspect of practice, it is non-pharmaceutical, and our pet parents see the benefit, and results,” Beerenstrauch added.

Acupuncture is typically cumulative, so repeated episodes have a benefit.
When Ascona first arrived at Pethealth, the vets here had to carry her in, however, now, she manages all on her own.

“After the second time, she was able to get up and walk,” Wong added.