LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Many Las Vegas locals have already reported seeing swarms of grasshoppers.

The pallid-winged grasshopper is the most common type of grasshopper seen here in the desert according to Professor Allen Gibbs at UNLV. While they can be pesky, grasshoppers are harmless except for some plants and gardens.

The weather conditions this year have contributed to an early start to these insects jumping around.

“You’ve got the wet weather for them and you got the cooler temperatures. When it gets hot, like it has recently, then they just fire up and they are everywhere,”’s Chief Meteorologist Tedd Florendo explained.

This year you can expect an above-average grasshopper season, but nothing compared to the 2019 infestation.

“Those things happen occasionally, but I’m not expecting anything like that. It would be an above-average grasshopper season would be my prediction,” said Gibbs.

You can expect to see grasshoppers peak from June until about October. They are attracted to light which makes the brightest city on earth the perfect spot.