LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — According to a release from the American Lung Association, its 2023 iteration of the “State of the Air” report indicates that Las Vegas is one of the most polluted cities in the nation.

Particle pollution in the city, which the report says can be dangerous, was the worst seen in a State of the Air Report, with Las Vegas ranking as the 30th most polluted city, worse than 2022’s 32nd rating. It represents the city’s worst-ever year on the report. The study looked at 200 metropolitan areas.

“Reno and Las Vegas experienced unprecedented levels of short-term particle pollution in this year’s report, this is largely due to longer and more destructive wildfire seasons,” said Melissa Ramos, with the American Lung Association.

According to the report, Clark County received an “F” grade for short-term particle pollution.

The data does not depict all bad news, however. The report indicates that Las Vegas had fewer unhealthy days of high ozone, with the city representing the 15th most polluted city for ozone pollution. This is an improvement compared to its 11th-place ranking in 2022, although Clark County was also given an “F” grade in ozone pollution.