LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Harry Reid International Airport announced it’s adding more than 1,500 parking spots for the public at the airport.

The public parking spaces will be in the Terminal 1 parking garage on the Zero Level and in an adjacent lot to the parking garage. Until now, those spaces have been used by airport employees.

The employees are now parking in the existing Terminal 1 Economy Lot, which requires them to either shuttle or take a walking path to the airport. There will also be a section of that lot that will be opened for public overfill if needed.

The change was made after a very busy year for the airport and garage.

“In 2022, it was just closing at a much higher rate than we previously experienced,” said Joe Rajchel, airport public information administrator.

He added the airport wanted to better accommodate travelers this year. By being in the garage, travelers will only be steps from the airport.

The public will be able to use the Zero Level of the Terminal 1 garage after some renovations are finished. An end date wasn’t provided but officials said people planning to park at the airport should allow for some additional time.