LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The Las Vegas Aces celebrated their WNBA Championship win with a parade on the Strip and the fans who have rooted them on from the beginning.

Fans beamed with pride to see the women victorious for a second year in a row after beating the New York Libert by one point in the fourth game of the finals.

“OMG, I’m feeling amazing. Back-to-back championships in the city and the women brought it,”
Las Vegas Aces Fan, Sonya Wright expressed.

What a difference a year makes. Fans who spoke to 8 News Now recalled going to last year’s parade.

The Las Vegas Aces celebrate the championship win in Oct. 2023 (KLAS)

“It’s better than last year, and the crowd is bigger. It’s great to see the support for women’s basketball,” Las Vegas Aces fan, Andre Brown said.

“It’s different to see a community come together. I feel like you don’t really see this often and with this amount of people, and this much excitement is awesome,” Las Vegas Aces fan, Julie Roman said.

Everywhere you looked, red and black colored towels, signs, beads, and a lot of positive energy in and around Toshiba Plaza could be seen.

Season ticket holders, Josh and Nikki Schwartz said they have always been super fans, but were pleased to see the women finally start to get the recognition they deserve.

“It makes us proud to bring our daughters,” Nikki Schwartz said.

“I like the WNBA better than the NBA. I think this is the year that people are starting to realize that these are some legit basketball players,” Josh Schwartz added.