LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As COVID-19 cases increase, we are all eager to know when a vaccine will be rolled out. 8 News Now spoke to a local man who volunteered to be part of vaccine trials and is excited to hear how effective it is.

“I just wanted to try it and get involved in something,” said Michael Burton, trial participant.

Burton is an attorney in Southern Nevada. He says this past summer, he came across an advertisement for people to participate in the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trial.

“I have been following what was going on with COVID, and I thought maybe this would be, you know, they need people,” Burton explained. “I can get involved and maybe, I can be a part of trying to move past this.”

Starting in July, Burton says he went in for two different rounds of shots and kept a diary of how he felt. Half of the participants took a placebo, the other half were given the vaccine.

“I never had any side effects at all,” he shared, “even the injection site itself, I usually do get some bruising and whatnot. I had nothing, basically, no actual side effects or physical side effects.”

Monday, Moderna reported the vaccine is 94.5% effective.

“It is consistent with Pfizer’s trial in that it shows vaccine effectivity of over 90%, meaning it prevents over 90% of cases of the COVID-19 disease,” explained Sam Sun of the inDemic Foundation.

Burton says the sooner it gets out, the better:

“What I am hoping for with this vaccine, with the Pfizer vaccine, the Johnson & Johnson on the horizon, is that we can get ahead of this thing and get back to normal.”

The trial in Las Vegas is still ongoing, and Burton tells us he will have to do more bloodwork in the near future.