LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegan Melody Sweets has a new web series on YouTube that mixes baking with burlesque. The new series is called “Sweets’ Spot” and the first episode was shown on Valentine’s Day.

“It’s a wild baking show and it has wild Las Vegas characters,” Sweets said.

During each episode, Sweets bakes a treat and features lots of other characters such as Hazel Honeysuckle and Dr. Donut.

Sweets talked about her new series with Good Day Las Vegas anchors Heather Mills and Sherry Swensk and even did some singing.

Sweets and Anais Thomassian created the show.

“We wanted to make it playful, exciting and funny,” Thomassian said.

The two recommend the show for people 18 and over because it has some naughty humor. It can be seen on YouTube, just search for Sweets Spot TV. It can also be seen at this link.