LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — In just a few days Allegiant Stadium will host the NFL Pro Bowl and T-Mobile Arena hosts the NHL All Star Game. Big sport events like these are having a positive impact on our community.

My workers are happy they are willing to work,” Ingrid Rosa of Elf Entertainment told 8 News Now. Rosa’s workers are already working at Allegiant for the Pro Bowl. “It is great for the business,” Rosa said. “It has been so slow with CES being cancelled, left and right we had a lot of gigs cancelled that brought a lot of the spirits down for workers, so the Pro Bowl rose some spirits.”

The East-West Shrine Bowl is also taking place on Thursday. This is the college football all srat game also being held at Allegiant Stadium. The NFL Pro Bowl is Sunday and then the NFL returns to the valley for the draft in late April.

Analytics Officer for the Raiders Jeremy Aguero says all these event bring in a lot of money, “We already know that number in just the first half of the year is exceeding a billion dollars.”

Several businesses are noticing more money coming in with pro football in the valley. Rolando Espinoza from Champagne Creative Group has more companies around the country wanting to host business events at Allegiant Stadium. “Vegas has a special reputation, now sports has really opened that box,” Espinoza told 8 News Now.