LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Residents of the Bella Estates, near the intersection of Nellis Boulevard and Twain Avenue, say they face unsafe living conditions as their damaged units have been plagued with structural issues and mold, among other problems.

“My understanding is that they have to waive all claims of liability if they want to get their apartments repaired,” said Richard Harris, the attorney representing some of the tenants at the apartment complex. Harris said he thinks the operator of the apartment complex is hoping the problem goes away while taking advantage of people in unfortunate circumstances.

As more tenants report issues in their units, Harris said he has heard stories of people being injured from falling ceiling debris during September storms. The tenants say repairs have not been completed.

Advanced Management Group (AMG) has consistently ignored requests for comment. During a visit to the company’s corporate office, an journalist was told Bret Holmes, President of AMG, would be available to speak in person regarding the situation at the Bella Estates the next day.

The next day, a receptionist at AMG told the same journalist that Holmes was unavailable due to dental work.

“I’m the one who gets all the calls from the residents, and I do my best to forward it to higher management,” said the receptionist while attempting to connect an 8 News Now journalist with Holmes. Moments later, security was called to escort the journalist from the premises.

Holmes has since declined the opportunity to comment publicly about the situation at the Bella Estates.

Harris, for his part, said he was outraged at the tenants’ stories, adding that he is standing by them. He expects 20 more residents from Bella Estates to retain his law firm for help. The attorney said Advanced Management Group has yet to respond to his Richard Harris Law Firm firm.

“You can run, but you can’t hide,” Harris said.