LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — New projections for the water level at Lake Mead show a slight improvement over the past two months. The new projections are part of the US Bureau of Reclamation’s “Most Probable 24-Month Study.”

As of March 16, Lake Mead’s water level is 1,045.89 feet above sea level, this is the measurement the government uses for all reservoirs in the Colorado River Basin. The full pool level for Lake Mead is 1,229 feet meaning it is now 183.11 feet lower than when full.

The end-of-the-month projections take into account Southern Nevada’s wet winter and Colorado mountain snowpack.

End-of-Month Projections for Lake Mead

Lake Mead’s elevation is shown as feet above sea level.
Elevation as of March 16: 1,045.89

Source: US Bureau of Reclamation

DATEJAN 2023FEB 2023MAR 2023
MAR 20231040.831042.841043.06
APR 20231035.851038.851036.30
MAY 20231030.531034.561031.53
JUN 20231026.471031.891030.27
JUL 20231026.031032.571031.33
AUG 20231026.871033.301034.15
SEP 20231025.711033.071034.27
OCT 20231025.051032.411033.56
NOV 20231024.471031.451032.40
DEC 20231026.911033.421034.62
JAN 20241029.901036.501037.18
FEB 20241032.111038.751038.96
MAR 20241030.151036.811036.75
APR 20241024.581031.421031.07
MAY 20241018.581025.521024.97
JUN 20241013.711020.711020.33
JUL 20241012.271019.211018.91
AUG 20241012.101018.941019.17
SEP 20241010.381017.181017.68
OCT 20241012.921017.071017.88
NOV 20241014.131015.991016.77
DEC 20241017.571017.581018.52
JAN 20251020.811021.42

Lake Mead hit its all-time low (after initial filling in the 1930s) last year on July 26 when it fell to 1,040.74 feet. If the new projections hold, the lake will fall to a new all-time low sometime between now and the end of April.

Bureau of Reclamation projections show the lake dropping 15 feet this year by the end of June before rebounding a little to 1,024 feet by the end of this year.

Then in 2024, the projections show the lake level dropping again by another 17 feet to 1,017.68 feet at the end of Sept. 2024.

Source: USBR,

Lake Mead began the month of March at 1,047.08 feet and has dropped almost an inch a day through the 15th, a total drop this month of 1.19 feet.