LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As of 4 a.m. Thursday the Bureau of Reclamation measured Lake Mead’s water level at 1,048.96 feet above sea level. This means the lake is now 180 feet below its maximum depth.

The last time Lake Mead was at its maximum depth, or ‘full pool’ was the summer of 1983. Since then the depletion of Lake Mead water has continued on and off over the last 39 years, and increased dramatically over the last 20 years during a historic drought and increased growth in the southwest United States.

Lake Mead’s ‘full pool’ water level is 1,229 feet.

This graph shows Lake Mead water levels dating back to the beginning of 2017. Source:

Earlier this week, 8 News Now reported that a 24-month forecast from the government shows Lake Mead dropping another 26 feet by September of 2023. This represents more than a third of the water stored in Lake Mead. Currently, Lake Mead is approximately 30% full.