LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — This Memorial Day weekend, Lake Mead is expecting a big turn out as boaters will be out and about on the water, but with the continuing decrease in water levels, it is causing some major concerns for boaters.

“It’s horrible because we must watch out for all the rocks, and I’m a nervous nelly,” said boater, Lisa Brunger. 

The lake’s level has dropped significantly in the last 20 years, and it is expected to hit a new record low in the next few weeks. Currently, it is below 1075 feet, and the last time it was above sea level was back in 2000.  

“It makes it tough to drive your boat around,” said boater, Scott Gunn. “You have to worry about the rocks popping out of the water and sandbars and stuff like that,” he said.

Greg Hauberger, Chief of Staff out at Lake Mead explains why this is happening.

“It’s due to the lower snowpack in the Colorado Rockies,” said Hauberger. “That combined with the hot and dry weather we have been experiencing. We have had a drought in the western states for the past twenty years.” 

Due to the low water levels, Hemenway Harbour will be closed, but Boulder Harbor and Callville Bay will have multiple lanes open on concrete.

For a complete list of ramps that will be open CLICK HERE