LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Golden Knights have a chance for an up-close-and-personal look at their draft picks during a weeklong developmental camp that starts Monday at City National Arena.

The Knights added six players in the NHL draft that ran Thursday and Friday (July 7-8) in Montreal, including centers Matyas Sapovaliv, Jordan Gustafson and Patrick Guay.

Goaltender Cameron Whitehead, right wing Ben Hemmerling and defenseman Abram Wiebe were the team’s other picks.

All will participate in the camp, according to information posted at the team’s website.

The camp will have 44 players — 24 forwards, 16 defensemen and four goaltenders.

Players will be split into two teams – Red and White – with each practicing separately for two hours for the first two days.

The teams will practice and play a joint scrimmage on Thursday. The final two days of the camp will consist of joint scrimmages only.

On Wednesday, the players break for a community event, helping to prepare and serve meals at the Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada, 1501 N. Las Vegas Blvd.

The daily schedule for the camp, which is open for public viewing, is at

Knights developmental camp participants

Forwards: Daniil Bourash, Jakub Brabenec, Brendan Brisson, Daniel D’Amato, Zach Dean, Ryder Donovan, Mark Estapa, Connor Ford, Patrick Guay, Jordan Gustafson, Ben Hemmerling, Marcus Kallionkieli, Jackson Hallum, Joey Larson, Justin Lies, Ryan McAllister, Ivan Morozov, Nolan Moyle, Nick Poisson, Nolan Ritchie, Matyas Sapovaliv, Wilmer Skoog, Carter Souch, Alex Swetlikoff.

Defensemen: Layton Ahac, Daniil Chayka, Artur Cholach, Connor Corcoran, Lukas Cormier, Noah De La Durantaye, Noah Ellis, Joe Fleming, Jacob Guevin, Steve Holtz, Kaedan Korczak, Luke Krys, Will Riedell, Jace Weir, Abram Wiebe, Cooper Wylie.

Goaltenders: Carl Lindbom, Isaiah Saville, Jesper Vikman, Cameron Whitehead.