LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — School is back in session and sports are gearing back up, but there are safety concerns with end-of-summer heat. 

Dr. Caroline Banfro with Southwest Medical recommends getting a sports physical for your student whether or not they are in sports. 

Sports physicals go beyond a standard wellness exam. They can help identify and treat problems common in youth who play sports, and Dr. Caroline Banfro said the physicians work to update patient medical records.

“For injuries related to sports, we update their records, give them advice to prevent injuries, and we also do an update on their mental health,” Dr. Banfro said.

Patients fill out a confidential form with a questionnaire to determine if a child is at risk of mental health issues. Dr. Banfro said mental health problems are on the rise among children.

Staying safe while playing in the heat is also top of mind.

Physicians warn extreme heat could cause heat-related illnesses including heat rash, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and even heat stroke.

Banfro said the first priority is to cool that person down, move them to the shade, and have cold water handy.

“If the person is still conscious, they can be given cold water,” she said and advises using the cold water to wet their clothes. “If they are unconscious, same thing, move them to a cool area and call 911.”

She recommended practicing either early morning or later in the evening and wear loose, light-colored, light-weight clothing.