FONTANA, Calif. (KLAS) — A police dog in California took down a suspect after an incredible jump! The K-9 officer was going after a man wanted in connection with an assault.

The video shows the K-9 officer going right through the driver’s side window after Fontana Police shot rubber pellets to break it open.

Everything started when Julio Vasquez, 31, was wanted for stalking and trying to run over his estranged wife. Police located him, and he led them on a chase.

Police deployed spike strips and used a pit maneuver to try and stop him. Police say he was being uncooperative after the chase ended in Corona, California, so that’s when they shot out his window with rubber pellets, and that’s when the K-9 officer channeled the “Man Of Steel” and jumped inside to apprehend him.

Vasquez was treated for minor injuries after the dog bit him. He was later taken into custody. He will be charged with felony stalking and felony evading.

He also could faces additional charges for punching the K-9 officer.