LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Three people have been arrested in connection with a robbery crime spree in the valley, Las Vegas Metro police said.

Police arrested Avian Wells, Kyree Thomas, and a minor connected with the spree.

Police said the trio is involved in four armed robberies, including one incident at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.

On Nov. 24 around 4 p.m., a person reported to police that his vehicle was stolen by several men while he was pumping gas at the Terrible’s gas station at 4701 W. Lake Mead Blvd.

The victim told police that he drove his daughter’s car to get gas. When he started to clean the windows, four males between the ages of 18-21 years old approached him, he said. One of them asked if he had any money.

The victim told the suspect that he did not have any money. A second suspect approached him from behind, reached into his front pocket, and took his car keys.

The males got into the victim’s vehicle and drove off.

At approximately 8 p.m., an unmarked LVMPD vehicle observed the car parked across the street from 900 Doolittle Street.

Police detectives started following the car. When officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop at Las Vegas and Lamb boulevards, the suspects refused to comply and a pursuit began.

The pursuit continued north on Las Vegas Boulevard to I-15. Speeds reached over 100 miles, police said.

The car exited onto Cheyenne, heading west and then south on Revere. The pursuit ended in front of 1733 N. Curran Way. All three suspects fled the vehicle, and officers initiated a foot pursuit.

The first suspect, Avian Wells, and the second suspect, a 16-year-old male, were taken into custody. The third suspect ran off.

A lanyard with a Mercedes car key was found nearby, where the second suspect was arrested.

During a search of the area, police found also found a couple of handguns and several rounds. The lanyard and key were confirmed to a victim whose car was robbed from MGM a day prior.

On Nov. 23, a person had called police, saying she was robbed at gunpoint of her vehicle while she was on the third floor of MGM Grand Hotel and Casino parking garage.

The victim told police that she parked her vehicle and walked around to the passenger side when she was approached by one of the suspects.

The suspect said to the victim, “Just give me the keys!” The victim and the suspect wrestled over the keys before the man took out a black revolver and put it at her back. One of the suspects then called over the others to help wrestle her to the ground before taking her car keys and fleeing in the car.

Later that day, police found the car with its engine running and all four doors open on the east side of Doolittle Park, located at 1950 J St.

On Nov. 21, a victim called police saying his vehicle had been stolen at gunpoint at 1327 H St.

The victim told police that he and his nephew were approached by three males, two with handguns. The other had a black revolver and was told to get out of his vehicle while their mother made a Door Dash delivery.

On Nov 24., a victim walked out of the Subway restaurant at 1735 W. Craig Road in North Las Vegas when one of the suspects came from behind and showed a revolver. The victim doesn’t speak English, but understood he was being robbed.

The victim told police that they stole his Louis Vuitton satchel. The pouch is worth $2,500-$3,000. The bag had many things in it, including $11,050 in cash, Dolce Gabbana sunglasses, condoms, and several credit and gift cards.

After his arrest, Wells told police that he played basketball at Fountain Park with Thomas and two unnamed males on Nov 24. Later in the day, Wells, Thomas, and the juvenile walked to the Terrible’s gas station and planned to rob someone.

Wells claimed they picked the car because the driver pumping gas appeared not to be paying attention.

Wells and the 16-year-old suspect were arrested on Nov. 24. Thomas was arrested the next day for his alleged involvement in the serial robbery spree.

All three of them were re-arrested on Dec. 15 in connection with the North Las Vegas robbery.