Jury hears closing arguments in Sena Trial

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Jurors in the trial against the father accused of sexually abusing his own children heard closing arguments in the case Tuesday. Christopher Sena is charged with 120 felony charges following his arrest in 2014.  

Jurors will begin deliberating Wednesday, after hearing graphic testimony for two weeks.

During the closing remarks, prosecutors went over the 120 charges and the evidence, they say, proves Sena’s guilt. 

The case brought before the jury primarily focused on victim testimony and homemade pornographic videos showing Sena, some of his children, and his wife and ex-wife engaging in sexual acts. 

Prosecutors say Sena was the ringmaster and forced the moms to have sex with their sons.     

“The children have taken the time in four years this case has been pending; they’ve reflected back on it and now they can acknowledge that their mothers were in the wrong for a lot of the actions in this case,” said Michelle Sudano, Clark County Prosecutor.  “But not only their mothers. this man right here, the defendant. 

Both women, Deborah and Terrie Sena, took plea deals for their part in the abuse. Because they agreed to testify against Sena, they got ten years to life in prison. 

Prosecutors identified seven child victims, who are now adults.  Three of them are his biological children, one is his step-child, and the other three are related to Terrie. 

Prosecutors say the abuse went on for more than a decade. But, the defense claims the two moms are the real predators and the videos support this claim. 

They say Sena was never seen or heard forcing them to do anything with the children and there were no signs of violence. The defense did concede to some charges of incest and child endangerment for not stopping the abuse, but they say Sena is not guilty of the majority and most serious charges. 

If convicted, Sena could spend the rest of his life in prison. 

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