LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A temporary restraining order is still in place blocking the elimination of 170 dean positions at Clark County schools, and it will remain in effect until an Aug. 14 hearing.

In a conference call Tuesday, Judge Nancy Allf set the date of the hearing, which will examine whether CCSD Superintendent Jesus Jara had the authority to eliminate the positions, and look at what occurred at a June 5 meeting of CCSD trustees.

Judge Allf told the court last week she believed the decision to eliminate the jobs was made in a closed meeting without any public notice, which would violate the open meeting law.

In a June 27 letter, the school district ordered deans to take new assignments by July 3 or lose their jobs.

The order affected deans at high schools and middle schools.

The Clark County School District’s administrator union, which represents the deans, sought the injunction.