LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Sunday’s freeway shooting between two rival motorcycle gangs may have been in retaliation for murder last month, prosecutors said in court Thursday.

The leader of the Las Vegas chapter of the Hells Angels and two other bikers made their first appearance in a Henderson courtroom Thursday morning. They are facing charges, including attempted murder, in a Memorial Day weekend shooting on U.S. 95 that shut down the major freeway and left six people shot.

Police said the shooting was between the Hells Angels and rival gang, Vagos.

Hells Angels Las Vegas Chapter leader Richard “Rizzo” Devries appears in court on June 2, 2022. (KLAS)

Chapter leader Richard “Rizzo” Devries, 66, is being represented by high-profile attorney Richard Schonfeld. The two other men, gang prospects, Stephen Alo, 46, and Russell Smith, 26, were also allegedly involved in the shooting.

“We know that about a month ago in San Bernadino, a Vagos did kill a Hells Angels,” prosecutor Danielle Pieper Chio told the judge.

Police said the shooting involved the two gangs in an incident that started at the Hoover Dam. According to an arrest report, six members of the Vagos gang were chased down and shot by Hells Angels following a veterans’ event.

“What nobody wants to happen on the freeways happened here,” Chio told the judge, adding a bullet was found across the freeway in a car in a church parking lot.

Despite a request by the prosecutors for a $1 million bail, the judge set bail at $380,000 for each man and acknowledged the men were a danger to the community.

“We’re dealing with a 66-year-old individual who was honorably discharged from the military, who has absolutely no criminal record whatsoever,” Schonfeld said.

“Many of these members are veterans and they’ve been super patriotic versus disrespectful to it,” defense attorney Tom Piraro said.

The three suspects were due back in court on June 14.