LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A former Las Vegas police officer who became the first officer to be charged with a crime based on his body camera footage is facing nine more months of supervised probation for assaulting someone at a New York bar.

A judge sentenced Richard Scavone to the extra time for violating his probation on Feb. 4, 2020. Scavone was arrested by New York police and charged with two counts of assault with intent to cause physical injury. According to court documents, Scavone, who worked as a security guard at a bar, punched a patron in the face causing serious injury that required a metal plate. He is also charged with twisting the arm of another patron causing injury.

Scavone had pleaded guilty to using excessive force while arresting a woman named Amanda Ortiz in 2015. His body camera video showed him hitting the woman and slamming her face into the hood of his patrol car.

Scavone was sentenced in Nov. 2018 to one year in prison at a federal facility in New Jersey to be followed by one year of probation. Ortiz reached a $200,000 settlement with Metro Police in 2016.