Judge Jerry Tao’s courthouse attendance record

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We want to correct a story we broadcast on October 25.  Our story reported on the courthouse attendance record of Nevada Court of Appeals Judge Jerry Tao, who is running for the Supreme Court.

We based the story on our own observations by following Judge Tao Wednesdays and Thursdays from mid-August to mid-October, and information from Nevada Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael Douglas.  After our story ran, Judge Tao’s lawyer told us we got the numbers wrong, and Chief Justice Douglas, also according to Tao’s lawyer, said we misquoted him in the story.  

Yesterday, the Supreme Court released to us the records of Judge Tao’s key card swipes into the courthouse.  The records show that from mid-March to the end of September, Judge Tao swiped into the courthouse 98 out of 142 work days, and did not swipe in 44 of those days.  

He also swiped in on 14 weekend days.  Justice Douglas, according to Judge Tao’s lawyer, told us Judge Tao has been at the courthouse 111 days out of 143.  That’s what Judge Tao told us when spoke to him for the story.

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