NORTH LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The woman charged in the death of her 3-year-old son was back in court Monday. Amy Fleming was arrested a couple of months ago on the 1986 cold case out of North Las Vegas.

Despite some pushback from the defense, the judge ruled there is enough evidence to move forward with the case against Fleming.

For the first time Monday, part of the jail letters that investigators believe prove Fleming is guilty killing her son Francillion Pierre were read word-for-word in court.

“I believe there was a crime committed,” said Det. Steven Wiese, a homicide detective with the North Las Vegas Police Department.

According to Wiese, there’s no doubt Fleming played a role in her son’s death.  Three-year-old Francillion was reported missing in August 1986 from the Broad Acres Swap Meet.

The child was never found. Fleming and her then-boyfriend, Lee Luster, moved to Florida shortly after speculation about Francillion’s disappearance loomed around them.
Decades later, an attempt at identity theft with Francillion’s birth certificate reopened interest in the case.

Wiese says jail letters sent from Fleming to Luster show admissions of guilt.

“I’ve lived in fear of hurting you,” Det. Wiese read to the court. “I am afraid of you because you are truly the only person that can hurt me. You’re the only one I have left to care about. ‘I believe that that’s an admission,’ he said.”

“How,” the attorney asked.

“Because he’s the only one that can hurt her because he’s the only one that can prove, that can testify that she murdered her child,” Det. Wiese said.

Other letters show fleming emphasizing the need to stick together.

“That they have to have each other’s back and continue to lie, or else if one of them tells the truth, they will go to jail,” said Det. Steven Wiese when he explained what he thought the letter was saying.

But Fleming’s defense team believes there’s a lack of evidence in this case.

“If the kid is dead, where is the body? Where is something? Where is some forensic evidence? Not even a drop of blood, nothing, nothing to corroborate,” said Nicholas Wooldridge, Fleming’s defense attorney.  “I just don’t even think they have probable cause, judge.”

However, the prosecution disagrees saying says there is plenty of evidence in addition to the letters, including a witness hearing Luster say Fleming killed her son, along with prior child abuse charges against the couple.

“All of that tells you that she killed her child, either she did, or Lee Luster did, but either way she’s responsible because she was in that house during that time period that that child was being abused,” said Marc Digiacomo, chief deputy district attorney.

Fleming is scheduled to be back in court on April 17 for her arraignment in district court.