LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Expect a lot of attention for the Sphere as late-night talk shows fire up again after five months lost to a writers strike.

Jimmy Fallon took the first crack at it as The Tonight Show returned on NBC.

Fallon taped segments for his show with Matthew McConaughey and John Mayer. He then said a third guest would be Bono from U2, who played the opening of the new Sphere venue in Las Vegas over the weekend.

A phony Bono came out encased in a small sphere. The bit fell flat, and Fallon suggested it may take some time to shake the rust off.

“I should mention not all the writers are back,” he said.

The spectacle created when the “exosphere” turned on for July Fourth — two full months after the writers strike — has continued to wow the public. It’s sure to bring all sorts of attention to Las Vegas in ways that were never expected.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.