LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Possibly contaminated Jiff peanut butter products have been sold across the US and in the valley, prompting a nationwide recall.

Lisa matt, a Las Vegas resident, discovered she had a jar of peanut butter that was in the recall range of possible salmonella contamination.

“As someone who sees these recalls often, I personally didn’t take it very seriously,” said matt.

But, after packing a peanut butter sandwich for her daughter, she says she referenced the recall dates and the label.

“My daughter has been having stomach aches, and I thought oh man, maybe that’s the reason.”
The peanut butter she had been using was on the recall list, so Matt promptly scheduled an appointment with a pediatrician and notified friends.

“Just be diligent, Check your pantries and pay attention To the recall. It’s important for your benefit and for the benefit of the children.”

At this time, the Southern Nevada Health District has no reports of Salmonella in Clark County.