Jewelry, cars, cash and secrets: Extortion case details $12M paid to Las Vegas woman

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas woman is charged with extortion and money laundering in a dizzying case of jewelry, cars and cash that totaled an estimated $12 million over a 20-month period.

Much of the detail in a 36-page Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department document is redacted, concealing secrets in the case involving Ava Blige, a 30-year-old woman who is an expert in getting whatever she wants.

Those secrets include the identity of the super-rich man she extorted between January 2019 and October 2020.

Officers arrested Blige on Oct. 19 in a case that took months to prepare. She is due in court for a preliminary hearing on Nov. 2.

A relationship that began in early 2016 started with the man offering to take Blige under his wing, mentoring her to build a business of her own. They met at the hotel where she was working at the time, MGM Signature.

It ended with daily threats to go public with secrets she knew about the man — secrets that are never revealed in a declaration of warrant/summons obtained by 8 News Now.

The pattern was set after the relationship became romantic.

“He noticed they would fight if he didn’t give her thousands of dollars to purchase clothes, jewelry and cars. (Redacted) explained she would tell him he made her that way, so she had to live a certain lifestyle and he needed to pay for it,” according to the police document.

And it exploded in September 2020, when Blige demanded that he end his relationship with a girlfriend. She told him he needed to force her to leave the state, and return all the cars and jewelry he had given her.

If he refused, she would go public with secrets, threats detailed in police documents show.

At one point, Blige came to expect $100,000 a day in payments.

When the man tried to end contact with Blige, the tone of the messages changed: “It’s time to go to war!”

Blige says she has protected him for too long and “Whatever Ava wants Ava gets,” according to police documents.

The secrets were apparently contained in recorded conversations on FaceTime and thousands of text messages between the two. Blige never had permission to record the calls, which is against Nevada law. Blige is charged with six counts of unauthorized/surreptitious intrusion of privacy by listening device related to those recordings.

Forensic analysis of phones in the case found a thread of 25,000 text messages between Blige and the man. Some of the texts included other people.

One account in the police document describes Blige’s demand that the man buy her a Porsche off the showroom floor of an auto dealership. When he put off the demand, she insisted. When he said later, she said now.

It was one of five vehicles he bought for her, including a Ferrari.

Another account goes into her threats over spending money on jewelry. She

Statements contained in the texts indicate Blige new exactly what she was doing, comparing what she intended to do would “be worse than what Steve Wynn went through.”

Blige is also facing 14 counts of money laundering involving moving the extorted money between personal and business accounts to obscure where the money actually came from.

Blige told other people that she is a self-employed millionaire, police said. After her arrest, the court appointed a public defender to the case and determined she is indigent. She was released on bail, ordered to have no contact with the victim.

Police interviewed Blige’s mother and father as they initially tried to find her for an interview. She was living with her father at the time.

Her father admitted to police that “Blige is very controlling and is very persistent on getting her way, and it would not have surprised him if she would try to blackmail (redacted).”

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