LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – In a letter obtained by 8 News Now, attorneys for Clark County School District Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara are accusing the Board of Trustees of harassment, retaliation, and a hostile work environment. They also note the District owes Dr. Jara more than $2.6M to end his contract.

The 5-page letter recounts the evening the Superintendent was fired, noting that Dr. Jara had requested a “closed session” meeting on Oct. 28 with all the members of the CCSD Board of Trustees to address the “harassment” and “hostile work environment” coming from President Linda Cavazos and members Danielle Ford and Lisa Guzman, who voted to terminate his contract later that night.

Attorneys state that Dr. Jara’s work conditions were a “direct breach” of the termination clause stated on “Section 7b” of the Superintendent’s contract and outlined the sum owed to Dr. Jara totals $657,131.39, which includes personal time off to be paid by Dec.1.

Breakdown of Dr. Jara’s salary and benefits according to Dr. Jara’s attorney’s

Dr. Jara further notes the Board’s actions were “malicious” and intended to “tarnish” his reputation; He’s asking the District to pay him an additional $2 million as part of Mutual Release and Settlement Agreement.

The letter addressed to CCSD’s counsel Mary-Anne Miller also asks the District to pay all Dr. Jara’s legal fees and ask the District to respond by Nov. 19.

From the Resolution letter issued to CCSD, Nov. 5, 2021 by Dr. Jesus Jara’s attorneys

On Saturday, CCSD Board of Trustee Lola Brooks, told 8 News Now that some of the Trustees were having “second thoughts” about firing Dr. Jara. She added that there were two items on the coming Nov.18 Board meeting where they would consider rescinding Jara’s termination and investigating the harassment claims.

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