UPDATE (Oct. 5): The Clark County School District Board of Trustees voted Wednesday to approve an extension of Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara’s contract, which will include a $76,000 raise. The extension was approved with a 4 to 3 vote.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A $76,000 raise for Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara will be reviewed Wednesday, Oct. 5 by the Clark County School Board.

Details of the new employment agreement came out after a Board of Trustees meeting last week, where the board rated Jara as “highly effective” in his job evaluation.

The events of the past year have been full of contradictions as Jara’s support on the board vanished and then returned in a series of political squabbles between board members. The public exchanges on Twitter began again following Jara’s evaluation.

A contract amendment to be reviewed during Wednesday’s work session would increase Jara’s pay to $395,000 and includes additional perks for travel expenses and bonuses. Jara would be allowed reimbursement for travel expenses for work-related trips, and he would be eligible for 5% bonuses each year.

The contract would run through June 30, 2026.

A large part of the agreement deals with payment in the event of termination, and it specifies that Jara would be paid in full if he were fired “for convenience” by the board. If he is fired “for cause,” the contract wouldn’t be paid in full.

Jara is required to give 90 days notice if he resigns, and pay would accrue to the date he leaves the position.

The agreement would take effect Jan. 16, 2023, if it wins approval from the school board.

Irene Cepeda the president of the Clark County School Board issued a statement on behalf of the school board of trustees on Wednesday, Oct. 5 following the vote to approve Dr. Jara’s contract.

This community and the needs of its children are at the heart of every decision we make. After today’s 4-3 vote by the Board of Trustees to extend Dr. Jara’s contract as superintendent, we look forward to ongoing, stable, and accountable leadership of the nation’s fifth largest school district. Our District’s trajectory of rebounding and accelerated learning will continue as we work with Superintendent Jara to continue focusing our collective efforts on student safety, well-being, and academic success.

Irene Cepeda, Clark County School Board President