LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Parents have been chiming in on the Clark County School District’s decision Thursday night to oust Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara.

Many parents tell us they don’t have direct day-to-day interaction with the superintendent. They felt Jara was out of touch with schools, teachers and ultimately the needs of students and families.

It’s a new day for the school district, according to many parents.

The removal of Jara is sparking mixed emotions from families who say they felt lost during the pandemic.

“I think it’s going to be for the better,” said parent Laquetta Wardlaw. ” I think someone needs to get in there that really cares about the kids, has a heart for the kids and focus on the kids … so the kids can get the education that they need.”

Ticey Christenson has three children in the school district. She said education is key for her family.

She knew trouble was brewing with district leadership, but was suprised by last night’s decision.

“I think Jara did great around the country and that’s great, Christenson said. “Nevada is different. What we deal with, someone needs to know that on an intimate level and work with that instead of remolding Nevada to what they think needs to take place.”

Other parents we spoke to said students and teachers needed guidance before the pandemic and when remote learning became the new reality.

Many were left in the dark.

Not all parents agreed.

One parent posted on Facebook, “Big mistake!!! Get rid of the board. Especially (Danielle) Ford! You are not for our kids.”

Another post by a parent identified as “Roger” said, “There is a reason that our students do so poorly and are at the bottom of the educational ladder. And trust me, it’s not the teachers,” he said.

“The CCSD is incompetent, lacks any leadership, and is focused solely on their own self-serving interests,” he said.

Overall, parents said they want change. They hope the next leader will focus and rebuild the district from the ground up.

A few parents told us they stepped away from last night’s heated meeting because they disapproved of having students being engaged.