LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A woman shared exclusively with 8 News Now the loitering that goes on right behind her backyard wall, adjacent to the Target right along Decatur Boulevard and the 215.

“People getting high, I’ve seen exchanges of sales of drugs and I don’t want that behind my home. I am retired and it’s scary because people don’t care,” Maria Echols said.

Echols bedroom window sits high up in plain view of the indecent behavior that takes place. Echols installed flood lights, a no loitering sign, and security cameras to deter these people away, but still, it’s a constant disturbance.

“Young and old, some of them in their company vans, meeting up with whomever,” Echols added. “Go to a hotel or motel, whatever, but don’t do this behind people’s homes.”

With these acts taking place on Target’s property located in the shopping center near Decatur Boulevard and the 215, Echols thought contacting the store and its management team would help solve the problem.

“I spoke with a target employee last week and she told me, it’s not their problem. I’m angry because we are the community that supports them so they need to do better,” Echols shared. “Target will have security off and on come through here at night, but they are not addressing what is going on during the day.”

As for what’s next, Echols filed a police report with Metro in hopes that law enforcement will step in to stop this from reoccurring, and other neighbors hoping to see some change too as they’ve expressed thoughts of moving due to this situation.

“The public indecency and lewdness behind people’s homes is constant and all of us are fed up,” Echols explained. 

8 News Now reached out to Brixton Capital, the commercial realtors who lease the property, and they shared that they plan on upping the security on the premises particularly in the daytime when these acts occur.