LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As we continue through the cold winter months, many have noticed a significant increase in their Southwest Gas bill, so 8 News Now reached out to the company Thursday to get answers as to why this is happening. 

“It’s really hard right now,” Southwest Gas customer Michelle McNeil told 8 News Now. 

The cost of many things has become more expensive recently including the cost of natural gas.

“The bills, the power, the gas, it’s everything,” Southwest Gas customer Antonella Russo added. “It’s all going up.”

8 News Now received dozens of emails and comments Thursday, as many said their bills have doubled or even tripled over the last month. 

“I just got this bill yesterday and it says 130 dollars,” McNeil said. “And I’m like what?”

8 News Now reached out to Southwest Gas about the issue, and the company responded with the following statement: 

“Southwest Gas (Company) understands customers may be experiencing natural gas bills which are higher than expected.  The increase in customer bills is likely due to natural gas price increases between 2020 and 2021 as well as increased natural gas usage during the winter months. Southwest Gas purchases natural gas on behalf of its customers, with no profit to the Company. Money saving conservation tips can be found on the Company’s website at Southwest Gas also encourages customers to take advantage of its Equal Payment Plan (EPP) which helps make monthly bills more predictable throughout the year.”

Southwest Gas spokesperson

“The sudden increase is crazy,” Russo said. “Because gas always was the cheapest.”

In November, The Energy Information Administration said natural gas prices are set to be a third higher than this time last year, citing overall supply issues.

“To not use the heater and still see an increase,” Russo continued. “It’s ridiculous.”

Regardless, those who spoke with 8 News Now said the steep hike is too much and ask Southwest Gas to consider what it means for families trying their best to make ends meet. 

“We don’t need more increases,” McNeil concluded. “We are barely making it as is.”

Southwest Gas told 8 News Now it warned customers in November that gas prices would rise by about 30% in the winter months, but many said their price hikes have far surpassed that prediction. 

The company also encourages customers to learn more about their usage by calling 877-860-6020 or by logging onto the Southwest Gas website.