LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The victim of a deadly shooting over a parking spot last week is being remembered by his loved ones while his killer remains at large.

Christopher Allen, 34, was working on his Dodge Challenger right before he was shot and killed on Oct. 18 around 12:30 p.m. near Nellis Boulevard and Hacienda Avenue, according to his girlfriend.

At the time of the shooting, police said that two men were arguing about parking in a residential neighborhood before one pulled out a gun, shot the other, and fled.

Allen spontaneously called his girlfriend, Stacie Owens, that morning.

“He called me just to say ‘I love you,'” Owens told 8 News Now. “You wake up, you see someone, you talk to them, and then you don’t see them ever again.”

Owens said she believes Allen’s car may have been blocking a neighbor’s driveway while he and another neighbor were working on it before the shooting.

The incident caused panic in the neighborhood and prompted a nearby school, which their daughter attends, to go on lockdown.

Owens said she had no idea what happened until she got to the neighborhood.

“You can clearly see that Chris’s car is parked weird, that’s when I kind of went into a panic,” Owens said.

8 News Now asked Las Vegas Metro police why a description or name of the shooter has not yet been released if he is at large. Police said that the investigation is “still open and ongoing.”

“We can’t keep living like this with him out there,” Owens said. “It’s your best friend who you are with every single day, you guys have all these plans, and it’s just gone.”

Owens said they had plans to get married next year. A neighbor is continuing to work on Allen’s car to finish what was started.

A funeral for Allen will be held in his hometown in Milwaukee in a few weeks.