LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A Las Vegas Body Spa and Salon was the target of an ATM theft Thursday morning that destroyed the front of the business.

The surveillance video shows a pickup truck backed up against the front of the salon on Tenaya Way just after midnight. A man can be seen entering the business and tying a rope to the ATM machine and to his truck.

He gets into the truck and revs up the engine before pulling away — with the ATM in tow — and leaves behind a path of destruction when all the front windows of the business are shattered.

Brian Scott has a barbershop inside The Body Spa. He showed 8 News Now how the thief could have come into the spa from the back.

“My barbershop is the next door right here and he could have came in here and did all kinds of stuff I have the biggest room in here so it is like he knew what he was after he came straight for the ATM,” Scott said.

Cherish Jones is a nail tech at the location, her door is near the front entrance where the ATM was.

“I was blown away like how it happened it’s insane I didn’t see it coming; when he gets in the car and then he takes off I didn’t think the whole front would come down like that,” Jones said. “I was scared something was going to happen to the room.”

The owner Debbie Richie believes three months ago The Body Spa located on Paso Verde was also the target of this same thief. She is working to remove all ATMs from windows and advising other businesses to do the same.

A police report was filed and the theft is under investigation.