LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A confrontation on the streets of east Las Vegas led to a shooting that left a driver dead, according to a Metro police arrest report.

The Nov. 26 shooting followed an apparent road rage incident, when the victim and two other occupants of his car “stuck their heads out” of the car and yelled at another driver.

The victim, identified as Juan Flores in a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrest report, was driving aggressively, flashing his high beam lights and swerving side to side, according to Jackeline Rivero, who came forward to police with information after the shooting.

Usbaldo Zarate, 27, faces numerous charges, including murder, attempted murder and assault connected with a Nov. 26 homicide and a Dec. 5 shooting, records showed. (KLAS)

Rivero was driving a white Toyota Matrix when the incident occurred. Her passenger, Usbaldo Zarate, 27, faces an open murder charge in the shooting.

Rivero’s statement to police on the day after the shooting indicated she and Zarate had left her house when the confrontation occurred. Zarate told her, “They probably have a pistol. It’s either us or them.”

Flores was driving a white Chevy Cobalt to his house after going to a nearby marijuana dispensary with Johnny Sanchez and Brandon Rodriguez, according to the arrest report. Conflicting reports indicate that Rivero followed the three into the neighborhood on Charleston Boulevard just west of Nellis Boulevard.

“At one point, both vehicles faced each other,” the arrest report said, ” and “Flores swerved around the Toyota Matrix and drove to his residence on Ballantine Drive.” Flores confronted Rivero and Zarate.

At that point, Zarate grabbed a handgun from Rivero’s purse inside the car and started shooting, police said.

“Usbaldo fired numerous rounds at the white vehicle. The bullets struck Juan Flores and his white Chevy Cobalt, which was occupied by Johnny Sanchez and Brandon Rodriguez.

Zarate was arrested on Dec. 5 while he was being held at the Clark County Detention Center in a prior shooting that occurred in North Las Vegas.

Zarate is scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 12 on the murder charge, as well as two attempted murder charges in connection with the Nov. 26 shooting. He is scheduled to be arraigned Dec. 14 on seven other charges in connection with the North Las Vegas shooting. Additional information about that shooting was not immediately available.