LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s been headaches and lengthy bills for Las Vegas resident, Merrilou Thomas, 88, after she was told her plumbing system needed to be upgraded earlier this year.

She told 8 News Now that Drews Plumbing was her go-to service for years until this project.

Merrilou Thomas outside her home in Winchester after months of concern over a plumbing service project. (KLAS)

“It’s been horrendous, it started in March. The contractor said 2-3 weeks, I paid the money and here I am 9 months later,” she said.

Thomas added that the work dragged and became very confusing.

8 News Now checked in with her on Tuesday and she said she is now left with clear patches all across her home with bare bathrooms and hallways. When she reached out to different contractors to finish the job, she added that the costs kept growing.

Paul Rosario with the Nevada State Contractor’s Board said homeowners need to reach out to their insurance or get a least three bids before taking any action on home repairs.

Rosario also told 8 News Now the contractor did not have a business license at the time of the work.

“The board brought charges against him 12 charges against him of which 10 of the charges were confirmed by the administration which revoked his license,” he said. “This contractor should not be in business anymore.”

For now, Thomas’ bedroom and her son’s room are taped off with asbestos signs, which is forcing both to live in their garage den with their dog Chloe.

The contractor community is working together to step in and help through the residential recovery fund.

“It’s been a tremendous strain because everything that could go wrong went wrong,” Thomas said.

8 News Now is awaiting a response from Drew’s Plumbing company for comment on the status of the job.