LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Sandra Douglass Morgan is the new leader of the Las Vegas Raiders the first black woman ever to become president of any NFL team.

Douglass Morgan had been breaking barriers in a male-dominated field, long before her most recent promotion.

8 News Now’s Kirsten Joyce sat down with her as she shared her driving force, and what fans can expect this upcoming season.

“It’s been a really surreal first month,” Douglass Morgan expressed.

There has been a whirlwind of activity for Sandra Douglas Morgan as the new president of the Las Vegas Raiders.

This week alone included kicking off a partnership with Viva Airbus, the official Mexican airline of the Raiders.
Along with the excitement of the first pre-season game at home, on Sunday.

Kirsten Joyce: You come at a time when there’s been a lot of change, in the front office. You’ve taken on a lot, what is your message to fans, employees, and players about how you are going to run this?

Sandra Douglass Morgan: The most important thing to all Raiders is always going to be fans and our Raider Nation, but we have to make sure employees understand every single thing that we do is for that shield, and for the Raiders and just the legacy, and rich history that it holds.

Douglass Morgan also told 8 News Now she wants to wipe the slate clean and focus on a fresh new future. She also wants to hold employees accountable and lead by example.

She earned degrees at both the University of Nevada Reno, and Boyd’s School of Law at UNLV.

Douglass Morgan also became the first black city attorney in Nevada.

She served on the Nevada State Athletic Commission and was appointed the first chairwoman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Joyce: You have broken down barriers, the gaming industry, the sports world, male-dominated, it’s incredible Sandra.

Douglass Morgan: Walking into that room and seeing that no one else in there looks like you, and not letting that hold you back, and just believing in yourself.

Sandra credits her work ethic to her parents, who instilled a commitment to hard work, education, and values of excellence. Those are principals Sandra says align well with the Raiders organization, along with grit and perseverance.

“I am so truly happy to be a part of such a historic organization, that has always prided itself on values, its commitment to excellence and diversity, and equity and inclusion,” she added. “Now that I am in this position and knowing that I have Mark’s support to encourage those principals not only through Raiders but throughout the NFL, it makes all the work I’ve done, all the much more sweeter.”

Sandra also told 8 News Now that her family, her husband, and two kids mean everything to her, in addition to her parents who still live in Las Vegas, and they all help keep her grounded.