LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As another animal cruelty case rocked Las Vegas this week, 8 News Now spoke with the woman who found the dead, mutilated dog.

“It was just really a terrible scene for anyone to have to come up on,” Lisa Jagodzinski said Wednesday. 

Jagodzinski described the moment she made the horrific discovery; a dog abused, killed, and left in a metal crate on the side of a northwest valley street. 

“Who could possibly ever harm a dog like this?” she exclaimed. “It’s an image that I’ll never get out of my head.”

This cruelty case follows a disturbing trend in the valley, as a dog was found with severe chemical burns, another dog was hung from a fence in the heat, and several animals were left in hot cars and garages over the last few months. 

“Animal neglect, animal abuse,” Chelsea Ward, president of Southern Nevada Animal Rescue League told 8 News Now. “It is a criminal action.”

Ward said she’s seen a spike in abuse and neglect cases, as more people surrender their pets, filling up shelters and rescues. 

“It’s coming more to light, more to public view, ” Ward explained. “Because people are getting sloppy. People are just not being patient.”

Ward also said it’s crucial for everyone to report any abuse they see. 

“The more people that speak out when they see something or hear something,” she said. “The higher the chance of something getting caught before it’s too late.”

Jagodzinski also encourages anyone adopting a dog to consider the commitment. 

“It’s just like a child,” she mentioned. “We have to make that a lifetime commitment.”

She also said she hopes more people take this kind of violence seriously. 

“If somebody can harm a dog like that,” Jagodzinski concluded. “What would they do to a human?”

Las Vegas Metro Police told 8 News Now this is an ongoing investigation, and the department is not releasing any further details at this time. 

The department has two, full-time detectives dedicated to animal cruelty cases.

If you have any information about this case, call Metro Police at 702-828-3111.

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