LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nurses always deserve a thank you, but especially this week because it’s Nurse Appreciation Week. The past few years — amid the pandemic — nursing has been tough and many nurses have had to go much more than the extra mile.

One Las Vegas nurse focused on helping seniors navigate technology.

While the younger generation uses smartphones with ease, it’s challenging for older Americans. Nurse Chrystal Rosenau, who is now an RN in the Maternal Child department for Southwest Medical, recently won the Clark County Medical Society Winged Heart Award.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she helped train seniors patients on how to do virtual doctor visits.

The theme of this year’s appreciation week is “Rooted in Strength.” She said her co-workers, and compassion for others, help her get through the tough times.

“You become family with the people you work closely with because you are together for so many hours, working on really, really challenging projects or difficult cases or certain patients just really touch you. So those nurses and all healthcare workers become that shoulder you need to lean on,” Rosenau said.

She also pitched in at several drive-through clinics helping to vaccinate more than 2100 people against COVID-19.

There are many businesses offering special deals this week to nurses.