LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Finding baby formula has been a huge task for many families nationwide and here in Las Vegas, some families are traveling all over the valley just to find the one they need.

“Hoping and praying we are going to be able to hit the store at the right time when they stock the shelves,” said Mary Rendina, who babysits her granddaughter Mia.

Rendina said recently they went into panic mode because Mia’s parents only had one can of formula left. “My husband and I were visiting our son in California we made him take us all around the city in San Diego and couldn’t find it at any of the stores,”

The shortage fueled by supply chain issues and recent recalls is leaving staff at local diaper banks like Baby’s Bounty feeling helpless. “It is a crisis situation right now,” said Kelly Maxwell the executive director of Baby’s Bounty.

Baby formula shortage. (KLAS)

Maxwell said she is getting dozens of calls from frantic parents every week. “Each day folks would come by picking up a can or two cans and now we are nearly empty,” Maxwell said.

Some parents may resort to rationing the formula, but Dr. Carrie Wijesinghe at Siena Pediatrics said that can turn deadly. “Please do not dilute it you can throw off your child’s electrolytes and, in the end, it can result in brain swelling and the child can sadly pass,” Dr. Wijesinghe said.

No matter which brand you use, you need to follow the serving suggestions to keep your baby healthy.

Dr. Wijesinghe said if you can’t find the brand that your baby needs you can use a generic store brand but only if they are in the same category with similar ingredients.

Many retailers are also limiting how much formula you can buy.