LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Residents living near Mariner Cove and Channel Rock Drive tell 8 News Now two more dogs have been poisoned.

The incidents took place between Fort Apache Road and Canyon Drive in the Lakes area of the valley.

Sean Cornwall spoke to 8 News Now and says his beloved dog Leia died three years ago after a ball of meat, was thrown over their fence.

“It’s a brutal way to die. It’s not quick. You’re constantly seizing until your brain swells up so much from the seizures that you essentially die,” he said. “All she wanted to do was, you know, give affection to people, and there are people out there trying to hurt dogs like her, kill them.”

Sean Cornwall reacts to the news of dog poisonings in the Lakes neighborhood

Cornwall says this has been going on for seven years, and he says two of his neighbors moved away after their dogs ate the poison.

He says he installed 30 cameras and floodlights around his property.

“People want it to be prettier, but when you have this going on, you know, you need to balance safety with something that looks pretty, he added.

Las Vegas City Councilwoman, Victoria Seaman also reacted to the news of the dog poisonings in the Lakes neighborhood and released the following statement.

“I am very concerned about any activity that affects the safety of the animals in our community. I am deeply disturbed to hear that these attacks have returned. I’ve been in touch with Metro and they have my full support in this investigation. I hope to see these individuals prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I encourage anyone with any information to contact Metro immediately.”

Victoria Seaman, Las Vegas City Councilwoman

Cornwall also tells 8 News Now a man in his 60’s was seen in the area a few months ago throwing things over fences.

No arrests have been made in the case.

Metro police say the situation is being investigated by the Summerlin area command.

No other details on the incidents have been released.