LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Monsoon season is in full swing, and overnight rainfall wreaked havoc on Las Vegas streets.

Clark County Public Works Department patched up a sinkhole Friday near Jones Boulevard and Harmon Harmon. The eight-foot wide, 10-foot-deep sinkhole caused a headache for drivers in the area.

Clark County staff said their Combined Communications Center had 11 swift water rescue calls for the entire valley, two of which were within the City of Las Vegas. No injuries or fatalities were reported.

Deb Metto was one driver facing the makeshift Las Vegas rivers and unfortunately got stuck on her way to work near Decatur Boulevard and Sahara Avenue.

“I kept thinking turn around don’t drown but it was too late,” Metto said.

Though her car wasn’t submerged like another driver, Metto’s car did stall out and she had to be rescued by Las Vegas Fire and Rescue.

Regional Flood Control District staff said flooding happens when roadways are used to move the water off the streets and to the storm drains out to Lake Mead. The regional flood control district said sometimes streets flood because of debris in the drains.

If you notice it clogged, they ask you to report it online at

There are 684 miles of channels in underground storm drains that carry the water to Lake Mead, and 106 detention basins. There are still 200 miles being built throughout the county, and 37 more detention basins.