LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It was heartbreaking for members of Progressive Choices to be forced out due to AREA 15’s expansion.

It left them wondering where they would go next, but they eventually found a new place by Jones and Twain and now they are making up for the lost time. 

Photo of Progressive Choices, Inc. (KLAS)

“I missed these guys when we were gone it wasn’t easy,” Markus Olige, a member said. 

Olige has been with Progressive Choices for more than two decades.

“This is our second home,” Olige said. 

It was difficult for Olige, when his home was taken over by the owners of AREA 15. 

“When that place closed down, I lost my family but when we came back we are back together again,” he added.

The center offers jobs and various work skills for adults with intellectual disabilities. 

When 8 News Now first reported on the story in January, the future was still unclear for Progressive Choices as their move-out date was nearing. 

“It was so short notice that is what made it really difficult,” Michael Hogue the VP of Operations said. 

Hogue told 8 News Now the uncertainty wasn’t good for their members. 

“The camaraderie they built with their peers had an impact,” he said. 

The rush to find a new place was hard, but 8 News Now viewers stepped up and took action.

“The interview we did last time really helped; a lot of people called in,” Hogue said. “It was awesome, we had people that donated money and things like that so thank you, guys, at Channel 8 it was amazing.”

Viewers help gave members, like Olige, a purpose again. 

“My life is helping people so I’m glad I’m back,” Olige said. 

Fischer Brothers, who own AREA 15, had originally planned to give $10,000 to businesses that needed to move. 

In January Progressive Choices was still waiting, but the center said they were recently compensated.

Those who know of a special needs adult that can benefit from being at Progressive Choices can find more information HERE.