LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A frantic parent tried to get help for a school bus after her kids didn’t make it to their stop. Now that mom believes the driver was the victim of an assault. 

The school district confirmed that a bus driver was assaulted near Tonopah and Vegas Drive yesterday. Another driver was attacked on Boulder Highway and Russell on Wednesday. 

8 News Now spoke to a parent who called 911 as her kids alerted her to a problem with their bus in that area. It was a frightening experience for mom Destiny Griffin. On Wednesday, she received a call from her kids crying. 

After reports of two CCSD bus drivers getting attacked, Griffin believes one of those attacks happened on their bus. 

“The police are on the way…Ok, are you scared, yeah…It’s ok the police are coming, ok? I just called,” Griffin said to her kids over the phone.  

She said there was panic Wednesday on the bus when her kids were riding home from Josh Stevens Elementary.  

“I called his phone and he picked up. It was immediate chaos, screaming, yelling.” 

Griffin gets an alert if there is a delay, but became concerned when they didn’t arrive on time. 

“I’m scared, he said so I said calm down, where is the screaming coming from and where are you at? He said I don’t know, we are pulled over on the side of the road.” 

When she arrived, her three sons and other kids were inside. 

“All the windows were closed. The bus was off and the engine was off, and I did the timing. They were on that bus for about an hour with no ac.” 

Her kids told her there was a commotion on the bus. Griffin put the incidents together, believing their driver was the victim. 

“We need to protect the kids and the drivers and that did happen allegedly to the driver, he didn’t deserve that either. We need bus aides and help.” 

8 News Now gave Griffin’s kids’ bus number to the school district, but they could not release if this was the exact bus due to the ongoing investigation.